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Dragon Blood Point Tower | 650 (g)

Dragon Blood Point Tower | 650 (g)

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Dragon's Blood is a stone imbued with courage. It strengthens both the physical and etheric bodies, particularly effective in bridging the gap between them when illness or negative conditions have diminished our vitality.

Its influence aids the spiritual purification of the blood and cells within the body. This stone acts as a wellspring of Prana, guiding us toward an inner reset. Through its subtle yet profound effect, Dragon's Blood helps our body and energy fields realign with a pattern of health, stability, and emotional well-being. Unlike most Jaspers, it works steadily rather than swiftly, although its exceptional potency elevates it as one of the most powerful and dynamic stones in this family.


Chakras: Root  |  Heart 

Origin: Australia

Weight: 650 (g)

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