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Electric Blue Azerite with Malachite (High Grade) | 16 (g)

Electric Blue Azerite with Malachite (High Grade) | 16 (g)

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Azurite possesses the potential to alleviate migraines, diminish the effects of tinnitus, and restore equilibrium in cases of vertigo. Its influence extends to nurturing your innate healing capacities, thereby enhancing your abilities. Through its properties, Azurite fosters an augmented life force, enriching blood oxygenation and facilitating the rejuvenation of brain cells. The Azurite selections available through She Sells Crystals are truly exceptional and captivating, each boasting individual uniqueness and remarkable beauty.

Malachite embodies the profound, rejuvenating green hues found in nature, reflecting the intrinsic splendor of flora, trees, roots, and botanical life. It manifests a rich Devic green energy that governs the material realm. Functioning as a Stone of Transformation, malachite facilitates transitions in various circumstances and nurtures spiritual evolution. Its healing essence operates on both physical and emotional tiers, extracting impurities and catalyzing the vital Life Force to course through the aura and the entire body.

Chakras: Third Eye | Heart | Throat

Origin: Sepon Mine, Laos

Weight: 16 (g)

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