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Glassy Grape Agate Purple Botryoidal | 292 (g)

Glassy Grape Agate Purple Botryoidal | 292 (g)

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Grape Agate is a remarkable intuitive stone renowned for its ability to activate and interconnect the crown and third eye chakras. By doing so, it facilitates the awakening of psychic abilities and aids in dream interpretation. If you frequently experience vivid dreams, placing this stone beside your bed at night is recommended, as it harnesses its potent energies while you sleep. This practice leads to more controllable dreams with clearer images, empowering your mind to comprehend the dream's significance in your present life.

Furthermore, Grape Agate promotes mental clarity and enhances the connection between the dream realm and the waking world. Regular meditation with this stone facilitates a seamless transition between these realms, enabling you to embrace each day with heightened consciousness. By living at this elevated frequency, you can foster a profound connection with your higher self—the purest and most loving aspect of your true being.

Chakras: Third Eye | Crown

Origin: Indonesia

Weight: 292 (g)
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