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Natural Red Jasper & Quartz Sphere | 166 (g)

Natural Red Jasper & Quartz Sphere | 166 (g)

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Jasper holds the title of the "supreme nurturer," offering sustenance and solace during stressful moments. It's known to shield and soak up negativity, while harmonizing the dual forces of yin and yang. This gemstone serves as a reminder to have faith in our own decisions and to trust in divine assistance on our journey.

Quartz is a remarkable crystal known for its multifaceted properties. This stone has the unique ability to absorb, retain, release, and modulate energy. Clear Quartz, in particular, excels at dispelling various forms of negative energy, even addressing environmental influences like electromagnetic interference and pollutants. It possesses the power to restore equilibrium and rejuvenate across the realms of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions.

Chakras: Crown | Root

Origin: Indonesia

Weight: 166 (g)

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