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Orange Golden Calcite Hexagonal Free Form Zeolite | 16 (g)

Orange Golden Calcite Hexagonal Free Form Zeolite | 16 (g)

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Calcite is a remarkably versatile crystal with a range of powerful properties. As an energy amplifier and cleanser, it effectively clears negative energies from the surrounding environment. Emitting a polarizing prismatic energy, it activates and clears all chakras, fostering a balanced and harmonious energy flow.

This spiritual stone facilitates the opening of higher consciousness and psychic abilities, allowing individuals to access deeper spiritual realms. Furthermore, calcite aids in recalling soul experiences, promoting a connection between the mind and body.

Calcite is particularly beneficial for those engaged in studying the arts and sciences, as it enhances mental clarity, encourages discernment, and stimulates profound insights while boosting memory.

On a physical level, calcite exerts positive effects on various organs. It cleanses and improves the functions of the kidneys, pancreas, and spleen. Additionally, it aids in dissolving bone calcifications, strengthens the skeleton and joints by balancing calcium assimilation, and promotes healing in tissues and blood clotting. Moreover, calcite helps alleviate intestinal and skin conditions, making it a valuable aid in maintaining overall well-being.

Chakras: Sacral | Base and Solar plexus

Origin: India

Weight: 16 (g)

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