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Peach Blossom Stone Jade Rhodonite Sphere | 202 (g)

Peach Blossom Stone Jade Rhodonite Sphere | 202 (g)

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Peach Blossom Jade holds a significant reputation as an emotional healer, offering invaluable support during times of stress and turmoil. This crystal serves as a vital "first aid stone," playing a crucial role in calming emotional shock and panic. Its gentle yet potent energies provide a stabilizing effect when facing challenging and painful issues.

By working with Peach Blossom Jade, individuals can find their way back to a centered and balanced state, facilitating the healing of emotional wounds and encouraging inner peace. This crystal acts as a soothing balm for the heart and mind, guiding individuals through difficult emotions and promoting a sense of grounded support during times of emotional upheaval. As a result, Peach Blossom Jade holds a special place as an essential ally in the journey of emotional healing and personal growth.

Chakras: Heart

Origin: Hunan Province, China

Weight: 202 (g)
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