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Polished Native Copper Fused With Chrysocolla | 67 (g)

Polished Native Copper Fused With Chrysocolla | 67 (g)

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Native Copper finds extensive use in addressing conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism, and various joint discomforts. Metaphysical healers have employed it to support the circulatory system and combat bacterial infections. Additionally, Native Copper is believed to promote the metabolic process and accelerate the healing of wounds.

Chrysocolla possesses the remarkable ability to soothe, purify, and revitalize all the chakras. It has the power to release feelings of guilt, mend emotional wounds, and amplify one's capacity for love. This stone also enhances communication skills, unlocks psychic perception, and fosters self-awareness and inner equilibrium.

Chakras: Throat | Heart | Sacral

Origin: Indonesia

Weight: 67 (g)

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