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Rainbow Calcite Hexagonal on Black Druzy Zeolite | 22 (g)

Rainbow Calcite Hexagonal on Black Druzy Zeolite | 22 (g)

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Rainbow Calcite is renowned for its capacity to promote a "go with the flow" attitude, fostering inner peace while effectively dispelling negative energy. Moreover, it serves as a catalyst for learning, helping individuals focus on their objectives and paving the way for prosperity, abundance, and good luck to manifest.

Zeolites are highly regarded as effective reiki stones, aiding in attuning to the energies within the body and enhancing the healing response. These stones are particularly beneficial in treating goitres and alleviating bloating. Additionally, zeolites have the remarkable ability to release toxins, including drugs and alcohol, from the body. As a result, they can provide valuable support during addiction withdrawal processes.

Chakras: Crown | Solar Plexus

Origin: India

Weight: 22 (g)

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