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Scalenohedral Dogtooth Druzy Calcite Green Apophyllite | 276 (g)

Scalenohedral Dogtooth Druzy Calcite Green Apophyllite | 276 (g)

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Apophyllite is a remarkable crystal known for its capacity to transcend conventional boundaries, allowing individuals to channel thoughts and feelings beyond ordinary limits. This stone is renowned for its ability to tap into hidden psychic powers, opening pathways to clairvoyance, visions, and the connection between spirit and truth. For those who embrace a deepened spiritual practice, Apophyllite holds great potential, offering transformative experiences and profound insights into the metaphysical realm. It encourages individuals to be open and receptive, unlocking new dimensions of spiritual growth and understanding. With its remarkable properties, Apophyllite serves as a valuable tool for those seeking to explore and expand their spiritual journey.

Druzy Crystal is renowned for its ability to purify and magnify the body's natural healing properties, fostering a more profound and effective healing process. This crystal's energy also extends to strengthening the spirit, promoting inner resilience and well-being. Moreover, Druzy Crystal brings about a sense of balance, helping to prevent feelings of depression, sadness, abandonment, or fear from taking root in one's life.

Chakras: Crown

Origin: India

Weight: 276 (g)

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