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Terminated Galena | Chalcopyrite | Druzy Flower Chalcedony Quartz | 114 (g)

Terminated Galena | Chalcopyrite | Druzy Flower Chalcedony Quartz | 114 (g)

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Galena stands as the quintessential crystal for materializing desires and aspirations. Employing a single-terminated Galena stone as the focal point within a crystal grid enhances the process of manifestation.

Chalcopyrite holds potent capabilities in activating and harmonizing all chakras. Revered for its strength, it's harnessed by shamans and Reiki practitioners to clear chakra blockages. Its energies are transformative, aiding in the evolution of habits, routines, and lifestyles.

Chalcedony is renowned for fostering emotional equilibrium, bolstering stamina, vitality, endurance, energy, kindness, and amicability. It diminishes feelings of hostility, self-doubt, negativity, and distressing emotions, including nightmares. Moreover, Chalcedony's influence extends to potentially alleviating symptoms associated with dementia and senility.

Chakras: Heart | Crown | Throat

Origin: Morocco

Weight: 114 (g)

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